View Full Version : board = tile and 2 or three other points

05-12-2014, 08:15 PM
first, I'm really new to TTS and I confess I didn't check all the forum (some posts run more than 10 pages) so I apologize in advance if some (all) these points have been previously discussed.

The first two requests would be the greatest improvement possible :

Board = Tiles : i.e. the ability to make custom tiles (rectangles or hexa) with front and back picture : you can make modular boards and freeze tileset when playing.
Custom tokens (round, square, maybe hex) double sided (picts, two sides not only one back), stackable (like poker chips), and flipable (like coins)


Stats, name and color on figurines (colored text - some markup language ? - and colored bases for example)
Ability to spawn in other place than the center of the board (where do YOU play ?) !!!!
Objects (tables, chairs, etc...) can be treated as tileset OR figurines : easier to make some dungeon, and chairs can be moved during fight, for example...

Last thought : a possibility for EVERY object to be treated as tileset would be cool.

I'm waiting impatiently for new RPG objects/figs an ability to load custom objects (possibility to load them as figs or tileset ?)

Thanks for the great tool, and for answers (if any ^^)