View Full Version : Website: There is no box around links when <tab> is used

10-01-2017, 05:42 AM
I'm a keyboarder. I like to use tab to move from link to link.

Especially on a forum -- tab a number of times, command-enter to open in a background browser tab, repeat until I've got all the topics open that I want to read. Then, read, close, read, close, and I'm caught up.

Here, there is no dotted box around the currently selected link, so I can't tell by looking where the tab key has taken me. I have to look at the link target on the bottom of the browser window, and it's slow at best.

10-01-2017, 11:49 AM
This is all for the tablet, right?

10-01-2017, 01:28 PM
No, this is a desktop browser.

I'm seriously used to using the tab key to move from topic to topic on a forum topic list page.