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Thread: Dedicated server

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    Dedicated server


    there was already a thread for dedicated centralized servers, but I would like to see a dedicated server I can run on my own (linux) server for my personal use. This would make sure if the hosts connection drops for some reason, the game can continue. Would be great if we could password protect it and give certain people enhanced rights to maybe start games.

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    Highly agree! This and/or a co-host promotion would be awesome!
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    I actually went through the entire registration process just to post this idea. As the devs have asked us not to post an idea that already exists, I'm bumping this one and asking why it's not received a response? Another use case (For my group) is that everyone has a laptop, and hosting the game on the home server means those of us nearby can play the game together from anywhere, and we can join / leave it without fear of losing the game due to connection issues (If we're set up in say a coffee shop or somewhere without a great connection). Also, this ensures that connectivity / system issues (Like... a laptop dying... Regardless of where we're at) don't have an impact on the game session (Having a crash halfway through a 2-4 Hour game is no fun, and a problem 'Real Boards' don't have to worry about. ;P)

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