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Thread: Image import (non text characters)

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    Image import (non text characters)

    On the Linux version (not tested Windows/OS X) I find that the url seems to save non-text characters such as backspace/delete and this causes a 400 error or no error (if the image is already in the cache), if it caused no error this faulty data gets saved to the .json file so anyone else loading it will get a 400 error on that particular resource.

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    Yah I run Windows, but I was getting that error too, and I realized that the fix was to not use spaces in the names of my files, so that the URLs don't cause errors. And if I need a space, I use an underscore.

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    Can you guys give me a URL link to a image that is causing this bug?

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    sorry re-read what I originally wrote and it wasn't clear.

    I'll give an example use case.

    I copy and past a URL for a custom card pack.
    I then add another custom card pack but this URL is the same except for a couple of characters.
    So I paste the previous URL then backspace/delete the old part I don't want and enter in the other characters for the 2nd image and then when I click OK.. get a 400 error.
    I noticed if I backspace a whole section of the area I typed I have to sometimes backspace twice to clear the dodgy non-text character.
    For whatever reason sometimes it goes through OK anyway.. and can see the dodgy characters in the .json file in a text editor.
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