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Thread: mod with many objects either crashes loading or loads then crashes.

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    mod with many objects either crashes loading or loads then crashes.

    I made a mod (heroScape Map: Borderlands of Valhalla, that the program says has over 23,000 objects while loading) it's a Lego or Minecraft style building block map to play the game on. The problem is it will either try to load and come up with an error, or load and you can't do anything else (load, escape to main menu, etc.) or it will crash. This wasn't happening before this most recent update. A hundred and sixty people downloaded it with no compliant over the last two months or so. I have a slow computer, dual-core AMD with a newer AMD Radeon Sapphire video card, but with only 4MB RAM on motherboard. Is it my slow machine, or a problem with my mod? I've tried everything suggested in the help sections to no avail. It used to load and run slowly, but not crash every time! I've tried to attach some zipped error messages, hope they uploaded... yours isn't the easiest complaint form to navigate. Thanks in advance...Mark
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    Thanks for the report can you send us the save at so we can check it out. Or you can attached it to the forum I believe.

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    Hi Knil,
    I sent the error reports to you by email. Mark

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    Hi Knil,
    I'm also getting a Microsoft error that states:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    (TTS program location)
    -Pure Virtual Function Call
    This closes the program. I just thought I'd mention it.

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Tabletop Simulator.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 558e7de0
    Fault Module Name: Tabletop Simulator.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 558e7de0
    Exception Code: 40000015
    Exception Offset: 004a2f09
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0cc4
    Additional Information 2: 0cc4fbbb5a4b32ae0f7cb694451537d9
    Additional Information 3: af3a
    Additional Information 4: af3a8207e924842ffd51b211e0d56257
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    Hey Knil,
    Any progress on my problem? Do you need more crash examples, because I have plenty of them. Though they all say the same things I've sent to you before. Has anyone else had this problem? I continue to bother you because I've invested many, many hours on this mod and would like the time not to have been wasted. Thanks, Mark

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    Just loaded your mod to see if it has the same issues your describing on a completely different computer.

    Table loaded fine, took about 30 seconds or so, contents of bags spawns equally well, there is a slight stuttering to the camera movement that feels like its Frame rate related but I've nothing currently running that monitors the frame rate so its just a feeling not a solid fact.

    my machine probably has a little more grunt to it than yours so perhaps you issue is down to hardware limitations

    I'm running 64bit Windows 7pro on a

    AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-core Processor at 3.5GHz

    with a pair of GTX 680's and 32 GB of Ram.

    Also I'd Like to say that's a mighty impressive piece of work you've put together My hat goes off to you for the effort you must have put into this.

    Good Luck with your issue .


    Got a crash and error message when attempting to load a new game whilst your mod is still on the table

    Run time error !


    -pure virtual function call.

    On second attempt to exit game to main menu. extremely long load time occurred 5+ mins by my reckoning. but it did exit the mod successfully.
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    Thanks Lucky Seven,
    I kind of thought my old machine couldn't handle the number of objects in the map let alone the models and model cards I was asking it to juggle! Looks like I'll be shelling out the big $$ for a new machine (only wish I could afford yours!). Thanks for getting back so quickly, I appreciate your time...and the compliment! Mark

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