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Thread: [v7.8] ability to set global preferences

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    [v7.8] ability to set global preferences

    would love to be able to set lift height, rotation snaps and other settings so that i don't have to set them manually each time. would be nice if we could have embeddable preferences in games as well as a global default but if it has to be one or the other, settings that stick with the game file would be the one to implement.


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    A big +1 from me as well

    As it is I 'm not sure what the benefit of having the lift height and rotation snaps always default back to factory settings are. I've a game that's based on 90 degree rotations and very low lift hights so when its first loaded up on the board every things sets up a little skew whiff and even after its been set back to 90 degree's I have to go round and re- snap everything back in location

    Also it would be nice to place mods out there with these values pre-set to what we know works without having to explain it in the cliff notes.

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    Both lift height and rotation degrees will save as of today's update v7.8. Thanks!

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