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Thread: Collider mesh problem

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    Collider mesh problem

    Hello !

    I've recently wanted to recreate the boardgame Cuatro in Tabletop but i have a problem with the token :

    There it is, collider mesh on the left, and the model on the right

    It should work fine but the "bottom" part of the collider mesh is not working :

    So it's impossible to stack them, any advice ?

    Here's the models if someone want to try:



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    The problem you've got is you need to make the object non convex (tick that box) for it not to square off the collider....But as non convex objects don't regard each other for collision purposes it will cause just as great of an issues as you've got now.

    in this image only the top widget is set to non-convex set them both and they pass straight through each other

    Whilst it would be a complete pain you could probably get it to work by breaking the object down then joining it back together in game with the join tool to make it an assembly of meshes. not exactly ideal though

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    Thanks for the answer lucky seven.

    However i don't understand why the bottom part is not working, the top and the bottom both "remove space" from the basic collision box...

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    Its because its hollowing out a chunk in the middle of a collider rather than witling away from the outside edge inwards. essentially its "concave" actions that its struggles to wrap its head around. The "convex" actions which it understands like the top of your shape it has much less of an issue dealing with.

    which is scant consolation in this situation

    There is one other thing you could try. but its got issues all of its own which may make it unsuitable for what your trying to achieve.

    By effectively turning the collider into a simple square in side the more complex mesh and using the snap setting you can make them stack the way you want them to. However they need to always be stacked in the same orientation or the illusion will break down.

    I rushed these meshes and clad them just in there UV map template But I think you'll get the jist of what I'm on about. Though just say if you need me to go into a bit more detail

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    Thanks for the response, but i've decided to use simple cubes for it, shame...

    If a developer see this thread, a *REAL* collision management system would be top notch.

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    Yeah.. I'd love to see more advanced use of colliders. there's a pile of stuff I'd implement if the software could reliably support it..... But to be fair its still early days yet and stuff is being improved and added at a fairly impressive rate of knots at the moment so still time yet to see it happen.

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    Sorry guys it's a Unity PhysX limitation. Concave colliders do not play well with the physics, you have to mark then as non-convex, but then they cannot collide with each other.

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    Just for my own interest. I did a little work on this and was able to make a functional piece by creating two new colliders from you original mesh(one convex the other non convex) and then joining them back together to make a single saved object.

    It worked rather well with the only issue being if you need to pick up a stack and move it, as whilst you can group grab them and they stay nicely stacked. The moment you try to put them down they spring apart as if they're made of rubber Maybe adjusting some of the physics settings might help but I haven't looked at that just yet.

    Really they need the stacking abilities of the chip but currently that setting won't work with custom colliders.

    Waffling aside whilst you've probably moved on from this problem. If you did fancy trying out this object just let me know and I'll send it through.
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    Sorry for digging out this thread, but the game is now up in the workshop !

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky seven View Post
    Really they need the stacking abilities of the chip but currently that setting won't work with custom colliders.
    That would be really cool ! Plus the option to create a stacking zone with a custom collider model and it would be perfect !

    Knil, if you can read this message...

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    What do you mean by Stacking Zone Nassim000 ? sounds intriguing ?

    Oh....and that widget of yours works quite well now the sticky toggle has been added. The two big issues remaining are you can't put them in loot bags as it breaks the joint that holds the two colliders together and you need to turn off the grid (but not snap) properties for both colliders.

    Turns out that was what caused the stack to blow apart when you moved it from place to place.

    Good to hear you got your mod Uploaded. What name should I look for to find it in the workshop. I'm quite interested in seeing this game in action.

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    Hey lucky seven.

    Well you got the token working, that's fantastic and good news, the game in question (the link is in my previous post, the text in red) don't need the grid or the bag! so how did you make it possible, you just made the tokens "sticky", nothing else?

    For the stacking zone, i was talking about something like this :

    Red shape is the object and the green one the "box". When you put the same item on top, it stacks not by using the object collision box but by using the "stacking box".

    Hope that answer the question.

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    Ah... I see what you mean about a stackable zone. In this particular case if you turned the top one 90 degree's and tried to stack it would this stacking box stop the two pieces clipping inside each other as they both would still contain non-convex colliders ?

    the game in question (the link is in my previous post, the text in red)
    I'm rather Embarrassed I missed that link when I read your post the first time. consider it sub'd

    so how did you make it possible, you just made the tokens "sticky", nothing else?
    There's a little bit more to it than that. The new Sticky ability and the separation of snap and grid have just made the whole thing work that much better .

    Here is a Vid showing exactly how I put the piece together. Watch it at 720p or higher if you want to see the numbers I've used nice and clearly.

    Its all based on your original mesh I've just broken it into two separate objects then joined them back together on the table top.

    Bottom collider:

    Bottom mesh:

    Top collider:

    Top mesh:

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    Well thank you lucky seven !

    The mod is updated with the new tokens !

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    Congrats !! Nassim000, that looks great.

    Whilst it ended up being a complicated way of creating what should have been a simple shape. I'm glad you've managed to bring this game to the table looking just the way you originally intended.
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