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Thread: [Suggestion] Online Radio.

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    Wink [Suggestion] Online Radio.

    I'm using online radio for my playing sessions many years.

    There are a lot of online radio stations existing.
    Like one of my favorite - Radio Rivendell. It was created with one need in mind: make fine collection of music for tabletop roleplaying sessions. It's not wide known, but prestige and make own charts and album with collection of best fantasy music. Sorry, if it sounds like advertising - just love it Try it and you will love it too.

    So. How about support of online radio?
    It's legal way to bring endless collection of music in TTS.
    And it's easy to implement, every mp3 player software supports it, there are plenty of finished open source solutions.
    Also it's a lightweight solution - mp3 player requires very small compute power.

    And due to radio nature all of us will be familiar with new, unknown before, gems of musical art.

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    just need a better MP3 player overall. the one we have now is a little clunky, and I don't like using it. Plus the buttons are laid out like an iPod, and no offense to anyone with one, but that design is so un-intuitive, using the same 5 buttons to do a hundred things...

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    MP3 player has only embedded music from the game. Broadcasting your own music can be illegal, so to add such option is risky.
    Online radio function solves both of the problems.

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    There shouldn't be any legal problems with putting custom music in the game. You aren't making it available. Many games offer such an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aknar View Post
    There shouldn't be any legal problems with putting custom music in the game. You aren't making it available. Many games offer such an option.
    Music you own, you can listen by yourself, not broadcast. And this is definitely broadcasting.
    Show me any game that can broadcast your custom added music to other players.

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    can't radio / your own music choices all be handled through the existing tablet already? There's definitely some clunk having to use these ( kind of services to have everything sync between players, but there are options already no?

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    When thinking it through, I realize my previous claim was false. Many games let you play custom music while playing in multiplayer but you don't share it with others. I can think of a few softwares that let you broadcast custom content though. Roll20 is the first example that comes to mind. The game would just have to put a disclaimer: "this feature is for open source or personally created content. Playing copyrighted material is at your own risk". I don't see why a feature could not exist just because it could be used for illegal uses

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