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Thread: Update v6.7 Scythe DLC, 10 Players, and Scripting Overhaul!

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    Update v6.7 Scythe DLC, 10 Players, and Scripting Overhaul!

    Our latest DLC is now available! Scythe, by Stonemaier Games, is a gorgeous board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor.

    In Scythe, each player represents a fallen leader attempting to restore their honor and lead their faction to power in Eastern Europa. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.

    The physical copy can be pre-ordered on their website.

    In other exciting news, we now have support for up to 10 players! Yep you heard it right, 10 players[FONT=Arial]! By default only the Custom Rectangle table supports 10 players, but you can use any table by creating Hand Zones.
    Keep in mind when hosting whether your computer and connection can handle 10 players. If you had problems with 8 players, then most likely 10 won’t work for you.

    A ton of changes and improvements have been added to scripting, be sure to read everything so that you are aware of the changes. Existing mods with scripting will need to be updated.

    Scythe DLC
    • Scythe is now available for $7.99 with a 20% discount for the week.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.
    • Available for 1-5 players and approximately 115 minutes of gameplay.
    • When hovering over objects, be sure to leave it there longer to get the full description as there is a lot to read through.
    • Start in the middle of the table where the Faction Selection Cards are. Hover over it to read more.
    • The rulebooks can be found on the side table.
    • The reference guide is available in multiple languages. Scroll through the pages to find your language.

    10 Player Colors
    • 2 seats have been added to allow up to 10 players.
    • The new colors are teal and brown.
    • All pointers have been updated with the new colors.
    • Color wheel has been updated with the new colors.
    • Only the custom rectangle table allows 10 players by default.
    • You can use the Hand Zones to create hands on other tables.
    • The more players, the more bandwidth that will be used, so use discretion when hosting.

    Scripting Improvements
    • Lua script API has overhauled to an object oriented approach.
    • See Blackjack example on the Workshop.
    • Overall API cleanup for improved consistency.
    • New functions added to the API.
    • Object and Global API unified (only 'self' is unique to Object scripts).
    • Removed redundant function calls (all the ForGameObject).
    • Added a save and play button to the script editor for improved iteration times.
    • Improved debugging with line number and object occurred on.
    • Auto run checkbox to stop scripts from automatically firing after loading.
    • Scripting can now be turned off in the host options menu.
    • New chat command /clear to remove all chat messages from that tab.
    • Security and sandboxing improvements.
    • Optimized Lua calls to generate less garbage collection.
    • Fixed rotation issues on scripting buttons.
    • Added resizing for the scripting editor.
    • We are working on updating the Scripting page in the Knowledge Base (in progress).
    • Fixed issue with scripting button not being created on clients machines all the time.
    • Fixed issue with SetSmoothRotate(0,0,0) not working in Lua.
    • Fixed issue with Lua SetRotation not working.
    • Fixed many other bugs and issues with scripting.

    Notebook Improvements

    • Added resizing to the Notebook window.
    • Notebook has been updated with the new colors.
    • Spectators can no longer see the different pages in the Notebook, just the rules tab by default.


    • Revamped Workshop import/update menu so they now match the rest of the UI.
    • Stacked objects no longer offset from mouse when picked up.
    • Improved deselect object on search so it doesn't mirror actions onto it.
    • Added highlight around Zone dragging for improved visibility.
    • Optimized autosave to reduce stutters, especially when using lots of states.
    • Vector paint 'delete all' button now gives a yes/no prompt.
    • Increased the camera max distance.
    • Custom Model now has the option to toggle off casting shadows.


    • Fixed issue where the client’s search icon was not cleaning up on bag searching.
    • Fixed issue where the notebook menu tabs would clump when loading 2 default games in a row.
    • Fixed issues with black meshes in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed issue with the Workshop upload field being empty.
    • Fixed the game name for Cosmic Encounter showing up incorrectly in the Server Browser.

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    Hotfix just released.

    Fixed counters not properly syncing across the network.
    Fixed notebook colors being incorrectly locked.

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    Thanks for the update. It certainly sounds promising, but unfortunately the new API has broken my scripts that were working before. I'll report back when I find out the cause of the break.

    The bug reporting, which now includes line numbers, is a bit unclear. I get lines like this:
    chunk_0: (136, 0-32): attempt to call a nil value

    There is an unexplained reference to "chunk_0" (what does that mean?) and then three numbers. The first appears be a line number (row) and the rest appears to refer to columns, but it is difficult to know without more documentation. For all the bugs I have seen so far, the numbers that appear to be columns simply span the entire line (starting with the first non-whitespace character and ending at the end of the line), and so impart nothing not already implied by the line number. Are there circumstances in which these (apparent) column numbers refer to specific parts of the line?

    Knowing which line number is which currently requires copying the script into an external editor first, because the in-game scripting window does not provide line numbers. This limits the usefulness of the reported line numbers, although it is still big improvement over the earlier release.

    There is still no way to change the font size in the scripting window, which is too small on my machine, so I hope this is on the to-do list.

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    Thank you for the updates!

    Will there be an official Scythe DLC forum soon? Just have a few questions and am not sure where to ask them.

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    Fixed everything, but I must confess to some grumbling as I did it. The old versions of functions were not merely marked as obsolete but became nonexistent overnight, breaking everything. About 90% of my code had to be rewritten to match the new API, with the end result is that, after a lot of work, it now all works exactly like it did two days ago. It makes me a little hesitant to write any new scripts while the API is subject to change.

    The addition of line numbers in the bug reports was a help, but repeatedly cutting and pasting to find out which line is which number is a pain, and also makes me conclude that it would be better to wait until the overall scripting support has matured before launching into anything new.

    I do agree the the object-oriented versions of the functions make more sense though, so this is a better API than the last one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACGalaga View Post
    Thank you for the updates!

    Will there be an official Scythe DLC forum soon? Just have a few questions and am not sure where to ask them.
    Yep, the forum is up, so go ahead and post your questions, thanks!

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