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Thread: Hand optimizations: card count and popping up cards

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    Hand optimizations: card count and popping up cards

    Here's 2 improvements that should be made for hands:

    • Popping up cards forward when hovering above them. Think of how Hearthstone does it. (or at least some way to quickly highlight a card in your hand so you can read it, without having to press alt all the time)
    • A number for how many cards you're holding that's next to your hand. First suggested here.

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    Bump this to high hell. This sort of clarity is so important, especially when teaching a complicated card game as it is. I've also heard this idea tossed around: the ability to widen your hidden handsize "hitbox" so that cards can be more readable in a 8+ card hand.

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    @hellfirebam - The widening of the Hand Zone has been added in the beta build (Unity 5). Once we make the full conversion over, it will be in the live build. I highly recommend opting into the beta branch though so you can test out not just that, but the better overall flow. And whether you're in the beta branch or not, you can play with anyone in multiplayer regardless of which version they're on.

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