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Thread: Joint tutorials

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    When you scale the jointed object each part will scale with respect to its own origin.

    So you will need to edit the assemblies anchors in the .Json file afterwards (Advanced)


    Make sure you construct the assembly at the finished scale rather than scaling it after its all joined together. (Basic)

    It might seem to be a pain to remake the joints but in this situation its probably your better option

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    Thanks Lucky

    I'll go the Basic route!

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    Hey Lucky,

    Been following along and this has all been very helpful. Not sure if I am in the right area, but I've got another question with what I hope is a joint issue. Basically I am trying to put water in this cistern, like I found someone else do (Image is "Final Goal"). I was able to drop the cistern into the ground by using Gizmo -> Move and then spamming the lock key before it popped out of the ground. Is there a way I can remove the physics and let the images exist in the same space? I am thinking it has something to do with joining and collision, but I'm not sure. If you could point me in the right direction for this I would appreciate it. I have dozens of problems, but if I understood this I think I could learn a lot about building. Thanks!

    Before.jpgFinal Goal.jpg

    EDIT: Actually, with a little playing around, I found you can Gizmo things AFTER they have been locked, and this is letting me accomplish what I wanted! Much simpler than what I was thinking!
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    ha.... beat me too it

    I'd suggest you use the joint tool to bind things together so your then able to move the assemblies around without the need to remake them every time with the Gizmo tool.

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    I guess a better question related to jointing is - is it possible to joint two objects to react as 1 state? I am trying to have two states, closed door and open door (using two half doors). When I jointed them and tried to create a state, I created 3 states - closed door, open left, and open right. Is it possible to make 2 objects one state? Or is there a better solution? Thanks!

    Joint 2 Open Doors.jpgState 1.jpgState 2.jpg

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    So lock them, Gizmo it in, joint them together, then unlock them - makes perfect sense, and will save me tons of time when I need to move it one space over! Thanks!

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    Remember with joints you can only create a single joint FROM an object but multiple objects can joint TO a single object, so bare that in mind when you start laying out your connections

    As of now you can't effectively mix states and joints as the moment you change states the joints are severed.

    more details here.

    which gives you a couple of options.

    you need to either model the doors in the three positions, open and the two half open states each with its own OBJ and then state them together. which will work.

    or if the modelling side is a bit of a stretch for you at the moment do it with hinges and just physically open and close it during the game.

    This vid demonstrates what I mean just imagine the doors being a single double door and your get the idea

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    I got it spinning, but its in a wide circle, was there any other settings to change?
    Hinge Joint.jpgWide Circle 1.jpgWide Circle 2.jpg

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    Those anchor values were specific to that particular door, they effectively move the hinge point to that doors edge. What you will need to do is adjust them until you've moved the hinge point to your doors edge.

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    Got it, more or less. Keeps flying away or sliding, but I'll need to play with the inputs. Thanks Lucky, your the man! My group is going to blow their minds!

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    No problem... if you get a bit stuck, start yourself a new thread and we can go over anything giving you grief

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