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Thread: Voice Preference/Requirement Option for Servers

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    Voice Preference/Requirement Option for Servers

    *SIGH* Take 2:
    Sadly the last post I wrote got destroyed by the backspace button
    so don't hate me for keeping it short this time...

    TTS Is an awesome game. I like hosting games.
    I don't like being the only person talking and entertaining an entire lobby.
    Please give hosts an option while creating a server to indicate
    that they want players to use the voice chat.
    It doesnt have to lock anyone without a microphone out,
    it's more so people know what to expect in the server (and what the host will expect)
    You could maybe give us a little microphone icon like passworded servers.

    Is nice?

    PS: Sowwy for bad engrish

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    Just write it in the title of the server you're hosting, at least that's what I do...

    "My Game (mic)"

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