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    Question Load Game View

    What determines the camera position on Game Load?

    I have a custom game that I am working on which always seems to load significantly zoomed in.

    I have zoomed out and saved the game which did not seem to help.

    I have defined Camera 1 and Camera 2 and that did not seem to help.

    I am using one of the standard tables and the view seems to zoom to one part of the table (i.e. does not show the whole table).

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    In today's update v7.8, we have updated the Saved Camera states. What you want to use is the new Camera state 0 - this affects the space bar position and what you see when you first load the game. So just choose what position to want it to load at and press Ctrl 0 (zero) to save it. Then when you load up the game it will start at this position and when you press the space bar, it will go back to that position.

    Saved Camera Improvements
    • Camera states now persist into save files and shared with everyone in the room.
    • Camera states are now no longer globally saved.
    • You can now remove a camera state by saving at it’s already saved position.
    • Camera state 0 will override the space bar position for everyone at the table instead of using the hand location.
    • To set Camera state 0, move where you want your space bar position to be and press Ctrl + 0. This is the new space bar position for all users
    • Camera Load hotkey has been changed to due to State conflicts.
    • Hotkeys: Camera load – “Shift + #” and Camera save – “Ctrl + #”.
    • It’s a great time to update your mods to add camera saves to help people navigate around the table more easily.

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    First: Thanks for the answer. My game kept loading zoomed way in and I could not find a way to change this. Your answer worked like a charm.
    Second: These improvement are great but I wish that they had added camera tags/names. Currently when the game loads it tells you something like "Camera #1, 2, 3, 4 available". Would it not be much better if we saw something like:

    Cameras available:

    #1 - Top down of main play area
    #2 - Top down of main play area zoomed out to include all player hands
    #3 - Game box with additional pieces
    #4 - Rule book

    I would suggest that when a camera is saved it would prompt the user for a description which would be displayed on load to avoid having the players have to cycle through all the cameras to determine which camera is which.


    I guess in the meantime game/workshop creators can add such messages to the onLoad section so that they will display to all players once the game is loaded. The downside of this is if more camera views are added or the existing ones are changed then the creator also needs to remember to update the onload messages.
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