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Thread: Attach Text Tool Object to Custom Model

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    Attach Text Tool Object to Custom Model

    So I know we can access Text Objects in the scene, and chance their value or whatever. But as far as I can tell, Text Objects are static, and cannot be attached to another object, so when I move the other object the Text Object is left behind.

    My current work-around has been to use a button that points to an empty function as a label. But this lacks the full functionality of a text-field.

    So am I missing something here or what? If I'm not, I'd like the petition the addition of more UI elements in the API.


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    I have not found a way to attach one to an object. You could constantly set its positions when the object is moves to move it with the object, but that is about it.

    A sneaky way around this is to attach a button with a width and height equal to 0. Then only the text shows up. But you can only change that text's size, not its color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrStump View Post
    A sneaky way around this is to attach a button with a width and height equal to 0. Then only the text shows up.
    It's funny that that never occurred to me.

    Still not what I'd like but it'll have to do for now.

    - Nim

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    I'm seconding this proposal. We need some way to attach text to objects other than buttons.

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    best workaround i've seen so far is in a dnd character sheet.

    Like Mr.Stump said, buttons with 0 size, pointing to a dud function. For a text field to edit, you can make an additional Edit button at an offset -- when you click that button, a token of some sort spawns at an offset you specify and you edit either the name or the description of the token, then click the edit button again, and have the 0 button text update to match what you entered into the description/name field.

    Again for an example, look at the dnd character sheet on the workshop or my KDM adaption.

    If you can manage, i'd rebuild the script from the ground up -- it's been adapted several times it seems from its original intent, so its messy to customize.

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    I would also love this as a feature. It would work wonders for character sheets, storing information on game boards, marking values on pieces, etc.

    Has this been posted in the suggestions forum yet?

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    In general, if we could get some variation of joints/parenting for scripting, it would be helpful. Similar to attaching a snap point to an object.

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