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Thread: Decks in Bags Losing GUID/Contained Card Data -- The Schrodinger's Deck

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    Decks in Bags Losing GUID/Contained Card Data -- The Schrodinger's Deck

    In a mod with everything under the sun:
    bojillions of components, bags in bags, scripting, onSave()s running, cats and dogs living together...

    Likely pushing the game engine much more than was intended.

    ~5mb save file.

    Components were being rearranged, renamed, etc, placed in bags, moved around en masse.


    Somewhere along the line, I go to grab a deck out of a bag -- and nothing pops out. It just ceases to exist. I try both pulling it directly out of the bag the normal way, and through directly selecting it in the search window.

    No image is shown for the deck in the search window, but the name exists. When it is pulled out, though, it's gone.

    I looked at the JSON file.

    For this deck, where there should be a guid, it says:
    "GUID": ""

    Where there should be CardIDs in the DeckID, it says:
    "DeckIDs": [],

    According to the save file, this deck no longer contains anything but has not been destroyed yet.

    While it is in the bag, it is neither alive nor dead, but once you pull it out of the bag, it realizes it's dead.

    This has sporadically and seemingly randomly happened to several decks now.

    Am I running into a save file size limitation? A memory usage limitation? Is there something done by a user that could cause this?

    I can only guess that something I'm doing, or the complexity of the save, is resulting in deck contained items being cleared out in the save file during a save process.

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    Likely the object was being destroyed and added to the bag in the same frame which caused this issue.

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