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Thread: Feedback for Viticulture

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    Feedback for Viticulture

    I've played some Viticulture and had a lot of fun with it, and the only issue I've found so far is that white player's pieces start out locked - their fields cannot be flipped without unlocking and their workers or buildings cannot be moved without unlocking. While this is easy to fix in-game, it'd certainly be better if they started unlocked. Every other player's pieces start out unlocked and movable.

    My another suggestion would be adding link to the rules to the Notebook, and perhaps a tablet with them to the box. While rules aren't difficult to find online, every other DLC I've seen so far has had rules link in the Notebook.

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    The white pieces are now unlocked, but White's field (Left Field, Right Field and Center Field) cards still start out locked, where every other player's fields start unlocked.

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    Ah, I thought you were only referring to the pieces, so I didn't think about the field. I'll look into that in a future update, thanks!

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