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Thread: Grid Snapping Like RPG Kit Floor

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    Grid Snapping Like RPG Kit Floor

    In the RPG kit there are the 'Floor' tiles. The beautiful thing about those tiles is that they snap and slide perfectly into place. How would one duplicate this? I have turned on "Grid" in the toggles but it still doesn't snap in that same way that the RPG kits tiles do. Is there a size I can used when bundling my asset? Maybe its the size that is a tiny bit off?

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    Those particular tiles are defaulted at 2 units square. 1 "unit" in TTS = 1 "inch" in Blender, or whatever you use to make your models.

    Another thing to note is how you create your model. When you snap to the grid, or the snap points made by the Snap Point tool, it will use the origin point of the models' mesh as the place where it snaps. So a suggestion is usually to make sure your final origin point is in the center of the model.

    Hope that helps!

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