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Thread: [v8.7] Gizmo Tool Improvements

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    [v8.7] Gizmo Tool Improvements

    Hello! I thought that maybe the Scale Movement Factor could be improved, hopefully this helps

    Scale Movement options(translate) with zoom factor.
    When using translate on large objects, it's hard to see/use the same translate sized tool for the smaller objects. If it would scale with either object size or zoom factor that would make the tool much easier to use. The main reason fo this one is that I'd like to be able to see how my large objects is relative to the other objects, and if I have to be really close to it to move it I can't see the other objects.
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    1. Please only post ONE suggestion per thread. This will make it easier for us to sort through. If you post a thread with multiple suggestions, it will be deleted!
    Thank you.

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    So are you using translate from scripting? If so, could you multiple the translation amount by scale?

    If not, this gives me a neat idea for a tool. A pad with buttons you can press to translate an object in its X/Y/Z. If you put a number into its name field, it multiplies the amount of movement by that (so 0.1 goes slower, 10 goes faster). And maybe some keywords you can put into the description to make it round its position to the nearest whole number or fraction or something.

    Even if I haven't managed to help, at least you helped me, so thank you haha

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    I meant scale as in size, but ya, I'd love to see a mod like that as well :P

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    Gizmo tool needs more love in general. I think it should be possible to select a bunch of objects at once and move them together too.

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    Yes, that also would be super nice. I've tried so many times to do that but then I remember I can't. It'd be great if that was implemented.

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    The Gizmo tool got a lot of love in today's update v8.7 - sooo much more you can do now, check it out!

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