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Thread: Easy way to get HEX codes for colours, like stringColorToRGB()

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    Post Easy way to get HEX codes for colours, like stringColorToRGB()

    We need a stringColorToHex() function ideally instead of having to copy in a table of colour indexes associated with their hex codes. I just want this for easier printing of coloured text in the game.
    printToAll("This message is about [".. stringColorToHex("Red") .."]Player Red[-] and [".. stringColorToHex("White") .."]Player White[-].", {0.5, 0.5, 0.5})

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    One of Sancho's fine contributions to the function list in the Guides.

    function RGBToBracketedHex(rgb)
        if rgb ~= nil then
            return "[" .. string.format("%02x%02x%02x", rgb.r*255,rgb.g*255,rgb.b*255) .. "]"
            return ""
    You would just convert the string to RGB and the RGB to hex =) Cheers

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