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Thread: Able to look at opponents hands

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    Exclamation Able to look at opponents hands

    If any cards are named, either by the player to enable searching ( or the game creator) or they are created by some sort of service (such as frogtown) which names them, if you right-click the card and click "Save Object" while it is in an opponents hand, it shows up with the name of the card in the Name field when saving it.

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    This also affects face-down cards on the table, very harmful to games like one-night werewolf which rely on face-down cards.

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    Interesting issue. One way to prevent this is to turn off permissions to use the right-click context menu, but this isn't practical in some games (that may require deck searching or other functionality in the menu). Ultimately though TTS isn't a very cheat-secure platform and relies a lot on trust / honor system (from what I can tell clients get complete information on the state of the table, so it's possible to use memory-hacking or other methods to see things you shouldn't).

    If the devs want to fix this issue though, it's probably not difficult to disable saving of objects in opponents hands or of face-down cards, basically any time the name and description would be hidden.
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    Or, like deck searching, maybe put the user-colour search icon on cards that are being right-clicked, so you know who's interacting with it. Not the best solution, but it at least indicates you're interacting with a card you maybe shouldn't be.

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    This should be fixed with the latest hotfix.

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