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    Support Information

    Welcome to our Technical Support Forum. Please use this forum to post any bug reports, connection issues, general support, etc. Follow the guidelines below for what is needed to get support.

    • First and foremost, please peruse and follow everything listed on this page. If your issue isn't listed or you have tried absolutely everything and nothing is working, then please create a new thread.
    • Only post one issue per thread.
    • Check the "Known Issues" listed below before posting.
    • Prefixes are now REQUIRED for this forum so that we can easily view and organize the issues that come up.
    • For issues that need it, include your DxDiag and any crash reports.
    • ALWAYS include what OS and version you are on.
    • If posting a bug, please post steps to reproduce it. If it only happened to you once and never again, please don't post it.
    • Once your issue has been resolved, please change your prefix to [SOLVED].

    Known Issues:
    • Tablet not working for Mac & Linux users.
    • Character issues when pressing certain keys on the keyboard.

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