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Thread: Network/Hosting causing memory leak?

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    Network/Hosting causing memory leak?

    This is my first time posting, so please excuse anything that I miss.

    Firstly, some information about my system:
    AMD 6-core 3.30Ghz CPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GT430 GPU
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

    Here's where things get a little tricky, though. I live in the boonies, so that means the best I've got is DSL that averages about 3Mbps down and 1.2Mbps up. To circumvent this, I tether my Samsung Galaxy S4 via USB and get a much better 10Mbsp down and 9Mbps up. However, as soon as I host a game on TTS, I hover at about 0.8Mbps down and 8Mbps up.

    On to my actual issue: while hosting a game, TTS begins to lag. I'm talking "menus take 20 seconds on average to open," "dice rolls using the R key hang in the air for roughly 4 seconds and appear to be moving at 2 FPS," and "using WASD to pan around looks like an NES game with too many sprites on the screen."

    Most times, I would think this is a GPU or memory leak issue, except... Single player works fine. Using the same save file, I am able to operate for an hour without seeing any of this lag. While hosting, even with no other players present, the lag begins to show at around the 5 minute mark and gets its worst at the 10 minute mark.

    Another thing I've noticed when this happens: I can tell the lag is about to begin by scrolling the mouse wheel. Let's say it only takes me 3 scrolls of the wheel to zoom in on something. As the lag starts, it suddenly takes 9 or 10 scrolls to zoom in to the same point. I've tested this by hitting spacebar to reset the camera position and using the scroll wheel to zoom in on something. Related? Maybe? It seems to resemble the dropped or missing inputs that happen while TTS is lagging.

    Things I've done to combat this, or TTS settings:

    Updated network adapter drivers.
    Updated GPU drivers.
    Disabled voice chat within TTS.
    Mod Caching was tested both on and off.
    Portraits are off.
    Playing in windowed mode on medium graphics setting.

    Help me, Obi-wan Kimiko; you're my only hope.
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    Hello, BG folks! I realize you have a backlog of issues to deal with, so I don't intend this as a bump, but I am bumping to say that this is still an issue as of today. Looking forward to seeing if there's anything that can be done for me. The fate of my settlement depends on it.

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    If you port forward to 11155 you should not encounter these issues. It's your poor connection to the proxy server which is causing the lag on your end.

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    I have 11155 open inbound and outbound. Sorry, didn't mention this in my OP.

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    I realize this is a difficult thing to troubleshoot. I have no idea how I'd approach it other than simply saying, "Well, don't host that module."

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    Hosted a game of chess last night. My friend's ping started ~90 and was in the 300s towards the end as it lagged on both ends and the game slowed to a crawl. It did not happen when they hosted. I thought it was just KD:M being poorly optimized, but it ain't. I thought Dice Throne must have some sort of problem, but it don't. Wish I knew what to tweak to make this work and I'm more than willing to share more specs or information if needed.

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    Sorry Chammy for the delay.

    When you're hosting, does it say you are hosting on the proxy server or is it using NAT?

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    Hi, Kimiko. No worry about the delay. I know y'all are fighting all the fires you can.

    When I host, it states "NAT Punchthrough is enabled."
    Following that, it states "Using proxy server. IP:" and then it lists the proxy's IP.

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    Okay, well it's connecting you to the proxy instead of using NAT. The downside of using the proxy is that everyone will have higher pings. Try disabling the proxy and see if you're able to connect via NAT instead.

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    Hi, Kimiko. I was really hoping this would work, but I just tried to play a game of Pandemic with a friend and they allowed me to host to test this. Same problem. The game gradually becomes slower (though there are spikes of seemingly great connection where everything moves smoothly for both of us) until it becomes rather impossible for me or my friend to play. I'd like to say that this has nothing to do with you. The fact that I am connecting to a 4G network while living out in the boonies feels like it should be the culprit, but I don't experience this problem in the multitude of other multiplayer games I'm able to enjoy.

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