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Thread: Relative Snap Points

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    Relative Snap Points

    I don't actually know if this is currently possible or not, but from poking around in-game all I can find are Snap points and Joints. I know what both of these do. However, I've noticed something: Snap Points can't be placed on a moveable object, and Joints are permanent and, if they break, seem to stay broken? I'm not sure about that.

    What I would like is an option to have snap points relative to a moving object. I'm creating a board game that utilizes moving boards, and this would be a really nice addition to that. If this is already possible, please, let me know how. If it's a thing I can do via scripting, maybe throw me a few terms to research?

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    One thing you CAN do is put snap points on an object as long as it's locked at the time you're placing the snap points. For example, lock a board, place the snap points on it, unlock the board, and now when you move the board the snap points will stay on it. I think that should work for what you're trying to accomplish

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