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Thread: Suggestion: Zelda-like tool-switching on controllers

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    Exclamation Suggestion: Zelda-like tool-switching on controllers

    Would be great to have Zelda-like tool-switching for buttons on controllers.

    The way this would work is that using the floating menu, you could assign certain functionalities to certain buttons or stick directions. The menu would show a list of functionalities and, using your other hand, you'd drag them on top of the controller's buttons/directions. Zelda does this to assign many functionalities to a few buttons (the Twilight Princess for Wii does it best imo).

    Note also that hands are individual, and you can assign different tools to different hands, which would let you do so much more. Most people only use their dominant hand to do the most important stuff anyway, so repeating it on the off hand is wasteful. It would also be great to be able to switch the hands by tapping the bottom of both controllers together, like Tilt Brush does, for easy switching.

    The advantage of this system is adaptability. You tailor your tools to whatever situations you need pretty quickly. It also means logical parity between controllers while making the most use of them (currently, the Touch controller don't use the buttons which should definitely be used), whether you're playing with Touch, Vive wands, or the new SteamVR LG wands that are like the Vive's but have an extra button. You don't need to change much to match their capabilities! I do think, however, that the grip buttons and trigger don't need to be rebindable as they should be used for things like pointing and changing the world scale/rotation/position.

    Ideally, as a mod-maker, you could even choose a set of tools by default for the controllers. There are mods that need flipping pretty constantly but never use rotation, while others will have the exact opposite needs. If we can choose (or suggest) the defaults for playing a mod, we can save quite a bit of tediousness for players of a mod.
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    In my mind, some tools would have multiple steps or change other inputs temporarily. For example: rotation could be as a turn right/left like it is currently but you'd also have a rotation that you can put on a button. If you hold that button, you can then use either sticks to rotate the object. So while the rotation button is pressed, all directional inputs on the stick (like what's on the controllers right now) would be disabled.

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