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Thread: How does the game play in Ubuntu Operation Systems?

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    How does the game play in Ubuntu Operation Systems?

    Just looking for some feedback. As I'm having issues with the lag, I am thinking about ditching windows (which I need to do anyway) and want to know how TTS plays in Linux. Any issues I need to know about for installing? etc.

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    The game plays perfectly, well, until the latest update, but this might have something to do with p2p. I'm trying to figure that out, that's why I'm here.
    I have not had any problems until now.
    However, there are a couple big linux complaints:
    No tablet support. Right now, tablets are the only interface ingame to PDF files which a lot of mods rely on for providing rulebooks and other assets. Many people use them as music players as well.
    There is a very annoying bug where shift and some other meta keys insert characters. Really hoping they patch that one soon. Completely worth ditching windows in any case.

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