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Thread: How do I upload a game I made into the cloud?

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    How do I upload a game I made into the cloud?


    this is the most basic thing so I know I'm missing something, but I can't figure it out...
    I built a custom game that I saved locally.
    Now I want to collaborate on the design with someone in Europe, so I would like to upload the game into the cloud so that I can work on it from here and he can work on it from over there.
    I load the game and click 'Upload'>'Workshop Upload', choose 'cloud' (not local) somewhere along the way. I am getting a number but then the system tells me almost immediately that the upload was successful - which seems unlikely for a game with a whole bunch of custom components. There is also a red line flashing for a moment, warning me about files being stored locally and that this game won't work in multiplayer mode.

    Finally, if I disconnect the external drive (where the files are saved 'locally') it takes all textures and pictures offline. So the system doesn't seem to be using the cloud when loading the game.

    How do I get the entire game - the room, the table, the board and everything on it - into the cloud? What am I missing?

    Thanks for your time!


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    you need to store the images you are using on a cloud service yourself. I think you can manually upload to the steamworkshop clould.. but I do not know how. I personally use GoogleDrive. This means you need to upload to GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive or w/e or free image host sites like imgur or poastimage or something, then change all the urls in your mod to these links.

    As far as I know there is no way to "archive" all local material and upload the entire thing to steam.

    Finally, when you do the upload to workshop thing it appears in your workshop.. you have probably already done this if it is saying complete. Open steam and click on your name and in the drop down click CONTENT. Then click the tab WORKSHOP ITEMS. This lists you mods.. and your mod you uploaded should be there.. CLick on it.. now you can go to the viability setting and set it to PUBLIC, PRIVATE or FRIENDS. If you set to friends only people in your steam friend list can see the mod. Then all they need to do is click subscribe and then they can play on it.
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    I did and it works great, thank you!

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    For the future, you can load up your game with the files that are stored locally, and then go to Upload -> Cloud and next to the file folder on the top is an up arrow. Click on that and it will convert all your local files to the Cloud in one go.

    Hover over the tooltip for more info or read the Knowledge Base page here:

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