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Thread: Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.

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    Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.

    Happy October! We’ve got some exciting stuff for you this week, with the brand new (and much requested feature), deck searching! Thanks everyone for posting your feature suggestions, as well as upvoting for your favorites in our /r/tabletopsimulator thread. There’s still more to come! Public games have also been improved with more options for the host.

    Deck searching:
    • Right clicking on a deck then choosing search will create a wheel of cards in the order of the deck.
    • Search can be used to find a card, rearrange, remove, or add to a deck easily.
    • Moving your mouse to the left or right of the wheel will spin it, keeping 8 cards visible at a time.
    • If you want to search the deck privately, bring the deck into your hand before you start the search.
    • The red box shows the division between the top and bottom card.

    Host Improvements:
    • Host can now change the color of a player or move them to spectator.
    • Host can now disable color selection for players and manually assign colors.
    • Host can also disable players from editing the notepad.
    • Cleaned up 'Host Options' menu to make each option more clear.

    Camera Overhaul:
    • Holding 'ALT' no longer swaps between camera modes (use 'P' to toggle between).
    • Chat messages added when swapping between camera modes.
    • 'WASD' now serves as the pan camera for both modes, instead of duplicating 'Right mouse Button'.
    • 'Arrows keys' now rotates the camera just like 'Right mouse Button'.

    3rd Person Camera (Default):
    • Default camera now controls almost identically to a MMO camera.
    • 'WASD' pans the focus point and 'Right Mouse Button' orbits the camera around that point.

    1st Person Camera:
    • Controls just like a spectator free cam in a FPS style game.
    • 'WASD' moves your location and 'Right Mouse Button' rotates the view.
    • 'Space Bar' makes the camera rise and 'CTRL' makes the camera lower (slowed down).

    Hover Tooltip:
    • Now using new UI with dynamic fonts with black outline.
    • Hides properly when the UI is hidden with 'f12'.

    General Improvements:
    • Alt zoom now works when rotating the camera with 'Right Mouse'.
    • Object highlighting will be a lot less pixelated at higher video settings (MSAA now works on highlighting).
    • Chat no longer blocks picking up objects through it.
    • When dealing out the entire deck to multiple people, one card will no longer stay on the table.
    • Keyboard menu layout revamped in new UI similar to the controller (text should be much more readable).

    • Fixed issue causing server browser to break if you searched for friends.
    • Fixed issue with reseting cards that are layered.
    • Fixed cleaning up promoted players when they are disconnected.
    • Fixed flipping wider cards by hovering over them made them hit the table.

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    Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.


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    Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.

    v2.9.1 hotfix live:

    Fixed being able to pull the red spacer out of card search with box selection
    Fixed smaller cards flying out the search when spinning
    Fixed searched deck losing it's scale
    Fixed resetting cards while searching adding an extra card
    Fixed red spacer getting stuck if you pull all the cards out of a search
    Fixed alt scrolling not working

    If you run into any other issues feel free to report them

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    Update v2.9 - Deck Searching, Camera Overhaul, Host Improvements.

    Wow - superb update. I'm thrilled with the update to the camera in particular... it's better beyond comparison now! Thank you so much for giving that some love! One teeny, tiny little issues remain that is camera related, so I'll quickly point it out: When you reset the camera with [Space] it is not aligned directly perpendicular to the table edge... zoom in and you'll notice the camera is rotated just a hair counter-clockwise. Yeah, it's a bit OCD, but whatevs. Aside from that, as a minor request, it would be cool to have the option of rotating the camera about the mouse cursor/selection when the Right-Mouse-Drag rotation is invoked while a single (unlocked) object is highlighted (though, as I experiment, I see that this can be approximated by first moving a selection to the centre of the screen, then rotating in the normal way). Anyhow, just a thought, since that's one of the useful little behaviours common in 3d modelling softwares.

    Regarding the deck search feature - that is, again, just brilliant. It will be massively useful in all sorts of games. I randomly happened across one bug/odd behaviour, so I'll quickly report it. It has to do with the card rotation whilst searching a deck and looking at cards closely with [Alt]... here are the steps to reproduce it.

    1. Open the CardBots games, and search the Head Cards deck, then inspect a card with [Alt]. Everything looks as it should.
    2. Stop searching the deck, and then rotate your view so that you are looking at the Head Cards deck from the opposite side of the table and search the deck again. The cards scroll upside down, which is fine considering where you camera is, but if you inspect a card closely with [Alt], it is (possibly) still aligned correctly with the screen.
    3. Stop searching the deck, then reset your camera view with [Space]. Now search the deck again, and if you inspect a card with [Alt] its rotation is now messed up, and probably rotated 90 degrees. There doesn't seem to be a quick way to correct this now without resetting the whole game.


    I know that requests belong in the SubReddit these days, so I'll just be cheeky and ever-so-quickly plug my biggest request, then leave it at that: custom chests which can be saved with the mod.

    Oh, one more quick thing. I ran into a post by a TTS modder on Steam requesting some 3d models for interlinking terrain tiles for a particular game... essentially like jigsaw puzzles. I didn't have time to do this at the time, though from what I've read, this doesn't seem possible to have in TTS at the moment because it requires that multiple non-convex collision meshes be able to work with one another, which they don't, correct? So, if that's the case, it would be cool to be able to have these sorts of interlinking parts exist in some future update.

    Anyway - TTS is just becoming mega these days. I love looking out for the update announcements on Steam each Friday to see what kind of new and amazing work you'd done with TTS, so keep it up!

    Update: Mouse Cursor Bug

    I don't know what's causing this, but occasionally the game just grabs my mouse cursor and drags it to the top-left of my screen and won't let go until I alt-tab in and out of the game (if I move the mouse, the cursor still gets drug right back to the top-left corner). This has happened to me maybe half a dozen times in the last few hours.
    -Update: Resolved this issue by disabling "Controller". I have a 360 controller plugged in, as well as a set of flight sim rudder pedals under my desk... whenever my foot slightly tapped a rudder pedal, my cursor went nuts in TTS. Disabling controller is fine for me atm, since I use a mouse/keyboard anyhow.

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