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Thread: DeckBuilder and Transparency

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    DeckBuilder and Transparency

    Hello Berzerk Games !

    I have to make Hexagonal Cards for my game, but the probleme is the deck builder is not supporting Trancparency on the PNG file. In fact, in game i see Hexagonal cards but physically i see a squared card. This affect the entire gameplay of my game because, i need to place Hexa card on Hexa tile and my game is "boardbuilding" game but when i place a tile touching one with a card on it, it is not fiting great and players spend lot of time replacing correctly tiles then cards.
    I would like to know if it's possible to :

    1 : Make DeckBuilder supporting Transparency as the Token tool do ?


    2: Make the Token tool able to have a back image and thickness of 0.01. To simulate a real card ?

    Thanks a lot and sorry is this thread is not the 1st.

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    transparency is supported on PNGs. So you are able to make hexoganl cards... though they will have a square bouncing box..
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    I know ! But the card's mesh is a square, which is my problem because it causes a slope so the pawns are sliping. The time spend at remplacing the tile and cards is slowing the gameplay :/. This time is about 15% of the DownTime. And this invisible square is not really beautiful nor ergonomic ^^. Is it not possible to apply the shape of a PNG file just like the Tokens tool do ?

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    I agree that non uniform card would be a good edition to TTS... but have you considered using actual tokens instead f a deck of cards? I did this in a few mods. I make a bag that "looks" like a deck.. but it is still a "bag" you can shuffle it, pull stuff out of it etc etc.. but it is actually tiles or mesh objects or w/e.
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    If I remember correctly, the custom tile does allow front and backside, even in Hex mode. Your only other option would be to make yourself a custom model.

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