It would be great to allow us to customize our avatars in VR.

The default face is ok, but adding more personality would be more fun!
I think that when using the menu to choose your VR avatar, you would have these 3 choices:
  • Floating Image: You could set an image to float where your face is. By default, selecting this option would use your Steam image (the one you see above hands in non-VR mode), but you could also upload a specific one.

  • Model: By default, this option would use the current avatar we see in game. However, you could customize it by have it display a custom model wherever your face is. You could let users import the default avatar model into their 3d modeling software as a reference for the scaling and positioning of the model so that the custom model lines up well with the tracked position of the head.

    If you've seen the popularity of VRChat, you can imagine how popular this option would be!

  • Model + Image: This would let you use a model but also have a floating image in front of it. For example, by default, you would see the custom avatar with your Steam image floating in front of it.

I could see a mirror appearing when the player chooses these options to let them see what they looks like. Also, they could use that mirror to grab the floating image, and adjust its location in relation to where the face is being tracked. So if you wanted it further back, rotated, or off to the side for some reason, you could!

Ideally, the workshop would also have a new category of mods for "VR avatars" that lets people categorize and share their custom models so they can be used by anybody as an avatar.

Also, allowing scripting to interface with the images and avatars could allow for emotion systems:
- For example, you could make a script change the avatar model to a smiling version of the model, and then return to the normal one.
(To make such an effect as seamless as possible, it would be nice if custom avatars only changed once the new model was completely loaded, so that we don't see a head disappear for a while, then reappear smiling, then switch back to the normal one).
- Another example could be using the images and their relative position. You could change the custom model to a surprised face and change the floating image to an "!" (with transparency) above its head to express surprise.
This could get really powerful for social VR relatively easily.