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Thread: Randomization Script?

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    Post Randomization Script?

    Hello there, I have a black jack server that releases draws according to a timer. Every now and then when it comes out I have to tell everyone to shuffle it once as the first item in the chest will be the same. Is there a script to when it comes out, its already shuffled?

    The current script I have for the drops is:

    function onObjectLeaveContainer()

    But then again as I said they have to shuffle it first still as the first item is still the same.

    Any comments will help thank you very much.
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    You can shuffle it in onLoad too. And then whenever an item is added if you need to.
    fucntion onLoad()
    -- Save current item count
    local itemCount = 0
    function onLoad()
        itemCount = #self.getObjects()
    -- Shuffle if new item is put in the bag
    function onObjectDestroy()
        -- if item count changed, shuffle it up
        if #self.getObjects() ~= itemCount then
            itemCount = #self.getObjects()
    -- Update the count if an item leaves
    function onObjectLeaveContainer(container)
        if container == self then
            itemCount = #self.getObjects()

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    Okay I will try these scripts out. Thank you very much!

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