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Thread: Workshop "Plays" count (and a Game Start button)

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    Lightbulb Workshop "Plays" count (and a Game Start button)

    It would be really useful to have a count of the number of plays for your mod.

    The reason for this is that I often wonder if I should bother updating a mod with some of the newer features that you've added to TTS. It can be a decent amount of work, but if nobody is ever playing the mod I made, it's really just a waste of time! But if I could see that some people still DO play the game, even if rarely, it IS worth my time

    I think you could solve this by adding a "Start Game" button to TTS. The button would be how plays are tracked, so that if it is pressed in multiplayer with more than one player, you would count that as 1 play for that mod. And your plays would be attached to your workshop mod, publicly or not (should be public info, imo).

    You could also use the button to trigger a OnGameStart() event, and, ideally, it would also start a game timer that may (or may not) be shown to players, but that mod makers could use to refer to game-time if they want. (This could be used to maybe start some particle effects if you get 30 minutes into a game, or play a sound from an assetBundle, etc)

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    Could "sort of" do this yourself with a remote sql database and few lines of code in your TTS game. I say "sort of" is because some people may remove the requests that store your #timesPlayed but it's doable. Could even get the info every time it's launched to get the total global count of times played when anyone starts your game.

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    Removing those lines wouldn't be that bad, people could actually call this in a loop or something to mess with your thing (I very much doubt anyone would care but it's possible), there's no secure authentication method from TTS really.

    But yeah, web requests are the way to go.

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    Still think that should be added officially. Seeing games most being played inside Steam Workshop is valuable

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    I agree the idea is good, however a function that tracks the mods by how many times they were launched sounds easily abusable to me. A person wanting to make their mod appear to be popular could launch the mod 50 times. Or press the button 50 times.

    I would rather recommend logging total game of users with that mod. Then again, how do you distinguish a player from playing, say, Mahjong with a friend and then after some time deleting the mahjong parts and spawning a card deck without changing the room. That would probably still count as Mahjong play time.

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    Instead of working in the realm of absolute integers of how many played could also do it more like a rating system. To do it ourselves without any intervention from the devs you could track by the unique steam_id using the WbRequest class and how many times AND how long they played (all remotely but always echoing back the results of cumulative data) . When someone plays it counts as one unit towards the rating and when they play again it could count as half IF they play for X amount of time (variance in the half unit dependent on time played), and so (dimishing returns).

    Then the display rating could be a number such as 125 when 100 unique users played started the game, 4 started it a second time for a few minutes and 2 played the game for a "normal" duration. Because it's all tracked by steam_id the rating system would highly accurate.

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