Is it possible to have input boxes, where only the box itself is visible? Whenever I design a scroll or other object, with the intention of having input text boxes across it, it sucks that the object will then be covered in ugly boxes marking the edges of the text box.

There are already transparency options for the text boxes; all you need to do is set the fourth value of the colour to a value lower than one. You can set the opacity of the textbox itself, as well as the opacity of the text... but you can't do so independently. Setting the text box to appear completely transparent will set the text to be completely transparent as well. Setting the text to be transparent but the box to be opaque is possible, but completely pointless.

Basically I'd just like the ability to decouple the opacity of the text box from the opacity of the text, allowing me to just have editable text on the object.

I understand that it would make it hard to see what can and can't be edited, but firstly there are other ways to make it obvious - ways that are less ugly - and secondly, the tab-stop would make it pretty straightforward in any case.

It may sound like a minor complaint, but it would simply be a lot nicer to have input boxes that don't stand out like a sore thumb.

Many thanks