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Thread: How is VR Gloves or Leap Motion Orion support?

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    How is VR Gloves or Leap Motion Orion support?

    Is anyone using VR gloves or Leap Motion?
    I am curious if it's possible to emulate the existing Vive and Oculus Touch controllers or keycommands in Tabletop Simulator with one of them, would they provide a better experience? You could map for example specific gestures to key or VR controller commands. I understood you can use all Vive controller compatible software with the SteamVR Leap motion driver. I am also looking at the Manus, Hi5, Sense and Captoglove and the Leap Motion Orion - are there any other solutions that would give me an even better tactile virtual board game experience then the Oculus Touch? AltspaceVR, BigScreen and JanusVR have support for Orion already and from what I read and saw it works beautifully.
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    The last patch added support for SteamVR's binding system, so you should be able to get anything which supports that to work.

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