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Thread: Severe lag making the game unplayable

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    Severe lag making the game unplayable

    I'm having some severe lag issues that are making tabletop simulator unplayable. I live in Australia and have a wireless adsl 2+ network with a technicolor tg582n modem. I have port forwarded port 11155 but cannot connect to most of the open servers in the browser nor can anyone connect to me so I've been using hamachi instead, but the lag spikes around 400-1025 for the entire game for my friend who lives about an hour away if I'm the host, or I get the same ping when I connect to him. I've tried setting up a dmz on my network but my computer is not appearing under the list of devices I can set up a dmz on and I don't know why. Strangely, I get less lag when I connect to somebody in the US although it frequently freezes and I have to exit the game and rejoin, but he was able to connect to that person with no ping issues. Please help, I bought several copies of this to playtest a miniatures game I'm developing as well as try out several board games but so far I'm the only one who can't play it with them.

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    I have a friend who have the same problem we all have a good ping and he have lot of ping we live in the same city so no problem for that and he have a better connection than me but he lag during a game host by a friend who have a very good connection in upload with the good port open how do we solve this problem ?

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