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Thread: Addition Turns Types

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    Addition Turns Types

    Add at Turns:

    1) Highest rolled Dice (Order)
    2) Lowest rolled Dice (Order)

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    I assume you are taking this from a role play prospective; you might want to include in your suggestions why these things are useful for TTS to include so that others can support your ideas and also to show the devs that this is something they should include.

    The main reason I see this being helpful is many games dictate turn order by rolling for it, with the current system we would all have to play musical chairs for the turn order to work in this case, being able to have dictate turn order by having the GM enter a turn number for a player or a more complex means by having it automatically compare the players dice based on what hand it came from and in relation to the others rolling would be helpful.

    though now that I think about it I dont think it would work as some games like dnd allow you to add points to whatever you rolled for a higher turn order so it may be best to have an option were the host can set the order personally based on seeing what everyone rolled.
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    Thanks for adding your tidbit and yeah, my thoughts were as well for RPG games, however there are plenty of games out there which need, highest, lowest roll to use for the order per turn. I like as well the idea of the host having a personal turn order.

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    I'd enjoy the ability for the host to set a custom turn order(Click the player name and select 1 to 8 as their turn number) or the ability to make the turns go counterclockwise(For games like UNO that swap the turn directions)

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