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Thread: cloned object dose not know who it is.

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    Question cloned object dose not know who it is.

    How do you get the GUID of a cloned Object?

    I found a way to give the object a unique name as it is spawned with

    local newObjectGUID = '00000'
    function dothing()
         local pos = player.getPosistion()
         local rot = player.getRotation()
        --clone the objectSpawned next to player
         local masterObject = getObjectFromGUID(objectSpawnedGUID)
         masterObject = setName('objectSpawnedName')
         -- Here I want to set newObjectGUID to the GUID of the object that is == newObjectName
         -- or another method more effictive if you know of one. Just trying to be able to do things with
         -- new object as i make and later destroy them
    Thanks in advance

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    Ok figured out how spawnObject works despite it being a 404 in the api resource. Fortunately, the OLD help guide works just as well.

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    when you clone() something you can store the object in a variable... then you can use any of the Get Functions on it...

    This is sudo code I am not sure it works or uses the correct things, I am pretty rusty
    local = clonedObject = bag.TakeObject{prams}.clone();
    local clonedGUID = clonedObject.getGUID()
    local clonedNAME = clonedObject.getName()
    loacl clonedDESCRIPTION = clonedObject.getDescription()
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