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Thread: The technology behind Tabletop Simulator

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    The technology behind Tabletop Simulator


    Is Tabletop Simulator developed in Unity 3D? If so, how easy or hard is it to learn Unity?

    How many months or years of Unity experience do you have to have to develop something like your program?

    Is it a lot of custom coding, or is the bulk of the project assembled using existing libraries/behaviors/modules?

    Are there any major "gotchas" one should be aware of when considering developing using Unity?

    Would you recommend Unity as a cross-platform development environment? 0x80070490

    Once you have your main codebase working, does it take a lot of additional effort to port the game to other operating systems (e.g., iOS, Android, Mac OS X)?

    Sorry for the flurry of questions, but seeing your video has me very exited about the potential of this technology.

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    I dabbled with Unity a bit and I would imagine that it would be quite a bit of coding. TTS has a lot of features which don't come - out of the box - with Unity. Also some of the features are available in Unity but usually from the Unity editor not code. For example, Unity can pull in OBJ files, just like TTS. However, typically in Unity you pull in the OBJ ahead of time, configure its settings and so on. While in TTS it is done at runtime (i.e. you can create objects at runtime).

    In terms of porting to different operating systems, Unity tries to address that. Typically one of the biggest issues are input devices. If you develop your app for a mouse like input, it may not work well on operating system with a touch input. And so on.

    Please note that this information is based on my own limited use of Unity and I am very much a beginner. So there may be solutions within Unity that I am not aware of.

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