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Thread: Option to completely hide specific GUI elements

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    Option to completely hide specific GUI elements

    Depending on how TTS is used certain buttons are redundant for the user.

    For instance flip table button is not useful at all once you have fun with it once or twice. However, it's strategically located between notes and menu buttons, and it's just too easy to accidentally click it and wreck the table for everyone (when rewinding time doesn't always work and tends to bug scripts). I would like to be able to hide it permanently.

    Perhaps some other buttons too (e.g. no need for scripting button when there are no scripts or I don't indend to edit them).

    The same goes for global chat, which I never used and don't need. And yet there it is, and I'm sometimes clicking it accidentally when looking for game chat or console.

    It would be nice to be able to hide unneeded non-critical buttons in interface configuration.

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    For the table flip, you know you can turn that off in the permissions, right? That said, I agree that Table Flip could be hidden away in a sub-menu somewhere.

    As for scripting, I've been a long-time advocate of the UI having 2 modes, a Play mode (for when you're playing a game) and a Creation mode (for when you're making a mod). You could optimize both of these to be more useful respectively for both the scenario where you're playing and the scenario where you're making mods. You very rarely need to do both, and even if you do you don't need to do it so often that it switching between modes would become a problem

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    Sounds sensible. The latest update moved scripting and such under single button, which is one step in the right direction. There's still some redundancy.

    Table flip permissions need to be turned off every game, which is far from optimal.

    EDIT: Oh, seems like permissions actually carry over between games. But I can still flip table despite having this permission turned off. Uh...
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    I forget exactly but you might be able to always flip it if you're the owner (or are promoted?). But I'm not sure.

    Btw you can turn off the top UI either in Configuration or by pressing CTRL+F2 (might be another F key, I forget)

    Permissions are saved per mod. So if you load a mod with the table flip permission turned off, it'll always load with that permission disabled.

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