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Thread: Buying a PSP 2000

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    Buying a PSP 2000

    I have recently been looking for a PSP 2000 as I had many treasured childhood memories playing games like Ben 10 and Monster Hunter with an estranged relative, and I have only realised that the PSP 2000 was discontinued for quite a few years. I've been looking for a gaming console recently and want to purchase a PSP 2000 compared to newer consoles like Switch for the nostalgia, and I know that the chance of buying a brand-new game console is really slim, so I was wondering where are good places to purchase secondhand game consoles in a relatively good condition with no modifications? To add on, I will be on a trip to Japan in the near future this year, is there any chance that there are still places in Japan like hardware/secondhand gaming/Sony stores would be selling authentic PSP 2000s? Mobdro

    Any contributions and comments would be really helpful, and I'd really appreciate any suggestions

    Thank you so much for reading, have a great day!
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